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How to Increase Regular Giving: A Conversation with Brian Dodd

Join our team as we walk through 7 systems that can help your church increase regular giving.

Is Your Church Ready for a Capital Campaign: A Conversation with jeff Shortridge

How do you know if your church is ready for a campaign? Join our team as we dive into determining readiness.

How to Reach People for Jesus in Your Capital Campaign: The Story of New Hope O'ahu

Our team views a campaign as more than a fundraiser - it’s a spiritual journey. Join us as we share the story of New Hope O’ahu.

4 things every church should have for a capital campaign

Is your team looking to embark on a capital campaign? Join our team as we walk through 4 things every church should have.

Complete Stewardship:

1-Day Online Summit

Watch all six session replays for teaching on church leadership and stewardship!

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How To Fail At Raising Money

(In Just 5 Easy Steps)

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How To Grow A Church

An Interview with Pastor Brad Cooper of Newspring Church. We discuss the importance of change, the power of the gospel, the role facilities play in growth, and why the next generation is vital.

Church Branding 101

An interview with Ken Wilson, the Director of Newspring Church’s Creative Team. Listen as we discuss the keys to church branding.

How to Grow a Multi-Site Church

An interview with Pastor Matt Evans of Rock Bridge Community Church. We discuss his church’s story, Matt’s insight, strategy, and more!