Vision Clarification

Vision clarity is the number one determining factor in a campaign's success. In the Vision Clarification portion of our campaign strategy, our consultant helps craft a customized capital campaign alongside the leadership team of your church. There are two distinct components of the Vision Clarification process that produces a unique campaign experience: Environmental Assessment and Financial Analysis.

Environmental Assessment: Before we begin a campaign, we seek to understand your church's specific culture and DNA, because we want to custom fit your campaign to your church. We thoroughly evaluate your current ministry environment and leadership culture to gain an understanding of your church's rhythm and style.

Financial Analysis: At the beginning of the campaign, we set many goals, including financial goals. Through our Financial Analysis, we conduct a complete three-year study of your church's stewardship and generosity trends. We are then able to develop a Capacity Assessment showing what your church can expect to raise with extreme accuracy.

Through Vision Clarification, your church is able to construct a campaign that captures your church's culture, and God's vision for the future.