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EPISODE 18: Identifying & Developing Leaders

An Interview with Chuck Allen

Welcome back to another episode of The Ship Podcast! Our guest for today’s episode is Chuck Allen, the lead pastor at Sugar Hill Church in Sugar Hill, Georgia. As Sugar Hill Church has continued to grow, Chuck has recognized that none of that could take place without leaders. He joins us to talk about how to identify and develop leaders to partner with your church to advance the vision God has given you.  

Key Points:

  • Chuck shares about his time as a lead pastor at Sugar Hill Church and the growth they have experienced.

  • Hear about the different logistical challenges that Sugar Hill has endured over the years with never-ending road construction and how they have continued to move forward.  

  • Chuck talks about how he identifies and develops financial leaders.

  • Learn what critical decisions Sugar Hill has made that has enabled the church to experience growth.

Guest: Chuck Allen
Website: Sugar Hill Church
Facebook: Sugar Hill Church
Instagram: @SugarHillChurch
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