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EPISODE 14: The Benefits of Digital Giving at Your Church

An Interview with Michael Robinson

Our guest on Episode 14 of The Ship Podcast is Michael Robinson, Lead Pastor at Hill City Church in Springfield, MO. Hill City Church recently partnered with INJOY Stewardship Solutions to raise funds to build a new ministry center. During this process it was discovered that 90% of the church’s giving is received digitally. During this episode, Michael shares about his experiences with INJOY Stewardship and how Hill City Church is able to push digital giving at such a high level.

Key Points:

  • Michael will share the history of Hill City Church and how he became the Lead Pastor.

  • Michael talks about partnering with INJOY Stewardship and the process of raising funds.

  • Michael will share how they have been able to reach such a high level of digital giving since 90% of giving at Hill City Church is received via some form of digital payment.

Guest: Michael Robinson
Website: hillcitysgf.com
Facebook: Hill City SGF
Instagram: hillcitysgf
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