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EPISODE 12: Aligning Vision With Growth

An Interview with Jill Mutimer

On Episode 12 of The Ship Podcast, we’re talking with Jill Mutimer with Strategic Consulting Group about how she helps churches with their financial planning. Many churches that have partnered with INJOY Stewardship Solutions for capital campaign initiatives have hired Jill and her team as well. Today on The Ship Podcast, Jill will share how she helps churches align their vision with their financial planning and translate that vision into growth.

Key Points:

  • Jill shares glaring gaps in financial planning that she has found in many churches and what leaders can do to address them.

  • Jill explains how churches can position themselves to have a positive conversation, and relationship, with banks in the event that they need to borrow money.

  • Joe asks Jill what she recommends for pastors who are navigating a “divided board” on the issue of debt - where some want the church to be debt-free and others think debt will help to accommodate growth.

Guest: Jill Mutimer
LinkedIn: Jill Mutimer
Website: strategicconsultgroup.com
Email: jill@strategicconsultgroup.com