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EPISODE 09: Navigating The New Tax Reform Bill At Your Church

An Interview with Joe Sangl

In Episode 09 of The Ship Podcast, President and CEO Joe Sangl, shares important information regarding the 2018 Tax Reform Act that was passed at the end of last year.  This act will have a huge impact on charitable giving for the American church. Joe is here to explain exactly what the act means for church giving and what steps your church can take to confront this new obstacle head-on. These practical tips can be implemented right now and churches can see an increase in giving as their members will know just how much their giving matters.

Key Points:

  • The standard deduction for individuals increased from $6,350 to $12,000. For joint filers, the deduction increased from $12,700 to $24,000.

  • As many Americans move from an itemized deduction to the standard deduction, they will notice that many of the items they used to be able to deduct, including charitable contributions to your church, no longer matter.

  • It is incredibly important to communicate early and often to your members that their giving does in fact matter.

  • Joe shares four ways that you can address this issue and experience a spiritual harvest.


Host: Joe Sangl
Website: www.injoystewardship.com
Twitter: @joesangl
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