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EPISODE 08: Stewardship Struggles & Strategies for a Growing Church

An Interview with Jeff Maness

In episode 08, Pastor Jeff Maness of Element Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming joins The Ship Podcast to discuss the stewardship journey of Element Church. This episode offers an inside look into a church plant that experienced fast growth and the financial stewardship obstacles they faced as a result (3:30). Pastor Jeff discusses the leadership stress he felt due to improper stewardship, and practical systems Element implemented that lead to financial health and stability (12:00). Then, Matthew Garrison tells the story of a pastor who was firmly against conducting a capital campaign at his church, and what he has learned through partnering with INJOY Stewardship (38:00).

Key Points:

  • “Making the decision before you have to make the decision prevents you from making decisions based on emotion.” - Jeff Maness

  • “We knew what God wanted us to do but we were not functioning in the way God wanted us to function.” - Jeff Maness

  • “Success is not determined by outcome but by our obedience to God.” - Jeff Maness

  • “I can’t produce any fruit. Only God can. It takes a while for us leaders to learn that because we are so fruit-driven. There is a place for fruitfulness, but there is also a place for faithfulness. ” - Jeff Maness

  • “My prayer has been: ‘God, help me be faithful. Whatever fruit you give, help me be content with that.’” - Jeff Maness


Guest: Jeff Maness
Website: www.jeffmaness.com
Twitter: @jeffgmaness
Facebook: @jeffgmaness