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EPISODE 07: How to Implement Needed Change the Right Way

An Interview with Ron Edmondson

In episode #7, Pastor and Leadership Author Ron Edmondson joins The Ship to tell his story of becoming a pastor after years in the business and public sectors and the principles he brought to the church (4:30), the challenges of becoming the Senior Pastor of an established but declining church and implementing healthy change (19:30), and breaking through the burden of bureaucracy (25:00). In Millennials on Stewardship, Matthew Garrison discusses when church bureaucracy goes from helpful to hindering (45:30).

Key Points:

  • “Peace comes through obedience. It doesn’t come before. You don’t get the peace before you make the decision.” - Ron Edmondson

  • “Leaders don’t put up with nonsense.”  - Ron Edmondson

  • “We were so burdened by bureaucracy that we couldn’t get anything done.”  - Ron Edmondson

  • “Copy principles, not practices.” - Ron Edmondson


Guest: Ron Edmondson
Website: www.ronedmondson.com
Twitter: @rondedmondson
Facebook: @ronaedmondson