The Ship - Episode 05 - Carey Nieuwhof

EPISODE 05: Healthy and Unhealthy Church Trends, Succession Planning, and Lessons from the Church’s Top Leaders Today

An Interview with Carey Nieuwhof

In episode #5, Pastor, Church Planter, and Leadership Guru Carey Nieuwhof joined The Ship to shed light on several important topics including trends in the church today and the challenge of pastoral succession. In addition to being a phenomenal leader himself, Carey frequently has the unique opportunity to interview some of the most effective and respected leaders in the church and business world today on his own podcast. He brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and experience to The Ship Podcast - join us for this important episode!

In Episode 05, Carey speaks to four main issues, including:

  1. Healthy and unhealthy trends in church leadership.

  2. The challenge of pastoral succession.

  3. Common characteristics of some of the world's best leaders.

  4. What to do when church growth outpaces financial resources.

Key Points:

  • “Nobody is inspired by stories of accumulation, we’re all inspired by stories of sacrifice.” - Carey Nieuwhof

  • “God uses our pain for His purpose if we let Him redeem it and heal it, and the leading has to be deep.” - Carey Nieuwhof

  • “When you trust God with your money, you’re finally trusting God.” - Carey Nieuwhof

  • “Our bold moments are our best moments.” - Carey Nieuwhof

  • “When you live with margin you can live on mission.” - Carey Nieuwhof

Guest: Carey Nieuwhof
Instagram: careynieuwhof