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EPISODE 04: Three Relationships All Great Leaders Have

An Interview with Brian Dodd

In Episode #4, Brian Dodd stops by The Ship Studio to discuss what makes a truly great - or “apex” - leader. Brian discusses how apex leaders build great teams, form strong relationships, and make others better. In Millennials on Stewardship, Caroline Campbell and Matthew Garrison discuss effective generational discipleship and mentorship.

Key Points:

  • "Apex Leaders are the people at the top of their profession, who have achieved the highest rewards in their professions or disciplines." - Brian Dodd

  • "The best leaders understand the value of people." - Brian Dodd

  • "Great leaders have the ability to see greatness in others, and then bring that greatness out of them." - Brian Dodd

  • "As the leader, I try to find out what my people laugh about, cry about, and dream about. If I know those three things, I can effectively shepherd their hearts." - Brian Dodd

  • "Great leaders see people for what they could be, not what they are." - Brian Dodd

  • "There are young people in your congregation who are hungry to learn from older, wiser people, but they feel ill-equipped to engage in a dialogue with them. One of the best ways pastors can develop generational discipleship is being a connector of people via their introduction." - Matthew Garrison

Guest: Brian Dodd
Twitter: @briankdodd
Facebook: Brian Dodd


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