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EPISODE 03: Church Health and Getting Unstuck

An Interview with Tony Morgan

In Episode #3, Tony Morgan of The Unstuck Group joins Joseph Sangl to talk about what church health really is (4:30), how the personal health of church leaders affects their congregations (9:30), how churches can practically self-evaluate their health (13:30), how to navigate common leadership lids (20:30), and what Tony sees churches doing well right now that everyone can learn from (32:00). Also, a group of young people discusses what church health is to them, what they want out of a church, and how to build trust with them (40:30).

Key Points:

  • The fruit God designed the church to bear is disciples. - Tony Morgan

  • It doesn’t matter if people show up on Sunday and give their money if you’re not sharing the good news and people aren’t experiencing what a new relationship with Christ is all about. - Tony Morgan

  • When your church goes multi-site, if you are a healthy church you will replicate healthiness and if you are an unhealthy church you will replicate unhealthiness. - Tony Morgan

  • God designed leadership to be team based. Anyone of us in isolation does not reflect the body of Christ. - Tony Morgan

  • Work is infinite; you have to choose the work that matters most. - Joseph Sangl

  • Sometimes, for a church to get to a place of health, they have to go through a time of healing. - Matthew Garrison


Interviewer: Joseph Sangl
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Guest: Tony Morgan
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