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EPISODE 02: Creating Margin in Your Life and at Your Church

An Interview with Joesph Sangl

In Episode 02 of The Ship Podcast, INJOY Stewardship President and CEO Joseph Sangl tells his story of how he went from having no margin to creating margin (4:00), common mistakes church leaders make in regards to margin (10:00), how pastors can create margin in their lives (16:00), how churches can create deep cultures of generosity that shield against times of low giving (20:30), how much financial margin is appropriate before a church takes a big next-step (23:30), and how to build relationships with high-capacity givers (25:45). Additionally, a group of millennials discuss practical ways to equip millennials to create margin in their lives (39:30), and how to connect with millennials in a way that compels them to get plugged into church through serving and giving (48:00).

Key Points:

  • Margin is having the space to move about freely in who God has made you to be and what He has called you to do without hindrance or hesitancy.

  • When debt is high, vision is low. When debt is low, vision is high.

  • The Lord spoke to Joe in the midst of his lack of financial margin: “More money is not the solution; it’s managing well what I have placed into your hands according to My Word.”

  • God wants to do something through us only after He has done something in us.

  • “If a pastor is not winning with money personally many times they are very, very timid about speaking to it with authority to their congregation.” - Joseph Sangl

  • “When you have margin, you never have to take your mind off the mission.” - Joseph Sangl


Guest: Joseph Sangl
Twitter: @joesangl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jsangl
Instagram: www.instagram.com/joesangl


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