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EPISODE 01: Stewardship: Personal and Pastoral

An Interview with Pastor Marty Schmidt


In Episode 01 of The Ship Podcast, Pastor Marty Schmidt discusses the discipline of personal stewardship as a pastor, and how this discipline affects the church's culture of stewardship and generosity. Also, a group of millennials discusses what stewardship means to them, and how churches can better connect with them in this important area.

Key Points:

  • We believe stewardship is one of the most important topics when it comes to discipleship while simultaneously and consistently proving to be one of the areas pastors and church leaders like to talk about the least.

  • Discussing stewardship is important because God cares supremely about us and stewardship profoundly affects us (Matthew 6:19-24), becoming more like Jesus necessitates growing in generosity, and a church with a healthy culture of stewardship is able to do more ministry.

  • Stewardship is management of resources…it’s everything in life. - Marty Schmidt

  • Being a good steward involves prioritizing who you are and what you have been called to do. - Marty Schmidt

  • One of the first things to do in becoming a good steward is finding out what matters most. - Marty Schmidt

  • Leaders can’t bring people to where they haven’t been. - Marty Schmidt

  • Sometimes pastors have a bigger vision than what they should always share. Some pastors overwhelm people with too big of a vision too soon. - Marty Schmidt

  • A great way to connect with millennials is to lead with stories. - Megan Hibbard

  • One of the biggest mistakes churches make is they count millennials out. - Megan Hibbard

  • Preach equal sacrifice, not equal giving, and allow the Holy Spirit to prompt millenials on how much to give. - Nick Mauney


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