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An Interview with INJOY Stewardship President and CEO Joseph Sangl

In the introductory episode of The Ship Podcast, we sit down with INJOY Stewardship President & CEO Joseph Sangl to discuss the relationship between church leadership and stewardship, including ways churches get these important areas wrong, and wisdom on how to get them right.

Key Points:

  • Leadership and stewardship are two of the top challenges faced by church leaders. - Joseph Sangl

  • People buy in to the leader before they buy in to the vision. - John C. Maxwell

  • You can talk about money in a healthy way, and, when you do it, your congregation will be grateful, they will make progress in a way they have never made progress before, and as a result you're going to advance vision, leadership, and relationship. - Joseph Sangl

  • Make sure you shepherd all the various gifts within your church. Make sure you disciple those who have the gift of giving. - Joseph Sangl


Joseph Sangl
Twitter: @joesangl
Instagram: joesangl
Website: www.josephsangl.com