The Modern Church Facility:
A photo journal of four new church building projects



Josh Pennington - Lead Pastor, More Life Church

Josh Pennington - Lead Pastor, More Life Church

PROJECT: Facility Expansion
GOAL: $500,000

More Life Church began in October of 2004 with a core group of 35 - 40 people.

In 2007, they needed to relocate so they took a huge step of faith and purchased an 80 year-old elementary school. Preliminary renovations began in the fall of 2008 and were completed by the spring of 2010.

In the five years following the renovation, More Life Church more than doubled and in 2016 it became apparent that they were completely out of space. So, in order to keep pace with the increase God was sending them, they launched the Building Life Campaign to expand their existing facility in a way that would double their current capacity for children’s ministry and sanctuary seating.  

Check out some of the assets to see what More Life Church is building to expand the Kingdom in their city!



Radiant Church - Jackson, Michigan

Mike Popenhagen - Lead Pastor, Radiant Church

Mike Popenhagen - Lead Pastor, Radiant Church

PROJECT: Building Addition
GOAL: $250,000

Radiant Church launched in March 2014 with 120 people in attendance at their first service.

Over the past four years, they’ve experienced super-natural growth and have been averaging 28% growth each year and are currently seeing around 450 attendees each week, which has caused them to outgrow their current facility.

In 2016, they ran an analysis that revealed to them they would be out of space by September 2018 if they kept pace with their current level of growth. So, after many considerations, they determined they needed to build an additional 12,000 sq. ft building with a 500 seat sanctuary.

In January 2017, one of Pastor Mike Popenhagen’s mentors, Pastor James Sunnock, introduced Radiant Church to INJOY Stewardship. After entering a partnership, Radiant Church and INJOY Stewardship began to put together the Making Room Campaign to make this dream a reality.

Radiant Church has seen God do some amazing things in their midst through the marriage of the capital campaign and building project, and you can read Pastor Mike Popenhagen’s thoughts HERE, but below are the artist renderings of what Radiant Church’s new facility will look like so that more people in Jackson, Michigan can encounter the presence of God!

Radiant Church, Making Room Brochure

Upper Level Floor Plan
Lower Level Floor Plan

Site Plan

Believers Church - Chesapeake, Virginia

Jamey Stuart - Lead Pastor, Believers Church

Jamey Stuart - Lead Pastor, Believers Church

PROJECT: New Facility

In 2018, Believers Church completed their third capital campaign with INJOY Stewardship.

They launched their most recent capital campaign because they were absolutely bursting at the seams and needed to build a new facility that could accommodate for their level of growth.

However, they knew that because their church was reaching so many millennials, their congregation did not have the capacity to fully fund the facility they had in mind. So, they had to pivot.

Instead of building a new facility that’s sole purpose was to serve the needs of the church, they designed a facility that could generate a second flow of income by serving as an event center for the community.

This decision has proven to be incredibly fruitful, from both a financial and ministry standpoint.

To see some photo assets of what their new facility, Hub 757, looks like, browse through the images below!

Victory Life Church - Battle Creek, Michigan

James Sunnock - Lead Pastor, Victory Life Church

James Sunnock - Lead Pastor, Victory Life Church

Project: Debt Retirement and Facility Expansion
Goal: $1.2 million
Amount Raised: $1.3 million

In 2013, Pastor James Sunnock and his team at Victory Life Church in Battle Creek, Michigan realized that if they wanted to become the church God intended them to be, their facilities would need massive upgrades. Their space was not adequately facilitating their level of growth nor fully meeting the spiritual and tangible needs of their city, so they began to ask God for vision as to what their next step was.

God made it clear that they needed to build a facility that was comfortable and inviting for visitors on a Sunday but could also be a place where ministry happened throughout the week, but the church had debt that was preventing them from taking this step.

So, Pastor James and his team brought in INJOY Stewardship to help launch two consecutive capital campaigns. The first focused on retiring their debt while the second focused on raising the actual funds to build a new facility.    

Over the past five years, Victory Life Church has been able to eliminate their debt, move into a brand new, state of the art facility (that won multiple architectural design awards), and seen God bring more people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ than they ever imagined.

To check out what their facility looks like, browse through the pictures below!