Five Distinct Qualities of Churches with Successful Campaigns

Define Success, and invest appropriately

In order for your church to craft a successful capital campaign, you must first define success. While each church may differ slightly in their approaches to success, a successful capital campaign is defined by making disciples (Matthew 28:16-20). We see this achieved through personal stories of life change, an expanded leadership base at the church, maximum participation from the congregation, and maximum dollars raised. Through partnering with thousands of churches, we have noticed five qualities of churches that see this type of success in their capital campaigns.

1. Great campaigns are lead by tremendous staff and volunteer leaders.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Successful campaigns increase the capacity of current leaders, and help identify new leaders. Many pastors tell us they identified their next several staff hires during the campaign!

2. Pastors want simplicity in all things, including the campaign.

It is important to quickly point out simplicity doesn't mean it's easy! Sometimes it is more difficult to do the work to keep things uncluttered and simple. Simplicity is clarity.

3. Pastors are forthright, confident, and unapologetic when communication the vision of the church and campaign.

If the leader is passionate about their campaign, and confidently proclaims the vision, a campaign has a tremendous chance of succeeding. If the leader views the campaign as task they are obligated to do, there is little chance of a successful capital initiative.

4. The church emphasizes overall stewardship, not just the campaign.

When church leaders help their people win with all the money God has provided them, a spirit of partnership rises up. The entire church knows the leadership team cares greatly about the funding and accomplishment of the God-given dreams of each individual. The old statement rings true: "Help enough people get what they want, and they will help you get what you want."

5. The campaign is given top priority and focus.

When a campaign is the top focus,l it cannot be lost in the day-to-day ministry of a church. It also helps ensure maximum participation. However, if an initiative is forced to compete with then special offerings, and five special events unrelated to the campaign, the campaign will suffer.