A few weeks ago, Joe sat down with our friend, Pastor Willard Maxwell from New Beech Grove Baptist Church in Newport News, Virginia, and interviewed him about all that God is doing at his church.

Pastor Maxwell is currently partnered with INJOY Stewardship to help lead his church’s capital campaign. New Beech Grove has seen exponential growth and some incredible things happen through their campaign, but perhaps the greatest result has been the expansion that occurred in their church’s leadership base.

Through the campaign partnership, Pastor Maxwell learned how to raise up a new remnant of passionate lay leaders to help carry the vision. As a result, their church was completely transformed, and the Lord grew their church by over 100 people in just one year.  

This is an incredible story of how God moved mightily to raise up a group of new leaders in one church, but the same things can happen in yours. To learn how you can effectively identify and disciple NEW LEADERS within your church, join our team, Tuesday, April 25th, for a live, online teaching where we dive deeper into this topic.