Growing a church is hard work.

In fact, many churches today are struggling as never before when it comes to seeing increases in weekly attendance. So much so they are changing the conversation from attendance to engagement. But not so with Victory Life Church in Battle Creek, MI.

Led by Pastor James Sunnock, they recently saw record attendance, record baptisms, and record giving. And so can you!

As you will see in this video, the church was already in three services but needed to raise significant capital to continue to meet their ministry demands.

Pastor James mentions previous capital campaigns “were like doing your taxes.”

The team at Victory Life decided INJOY Stewardship was the right partner at this time. Check out his comments:

  • “My only regret is we didn’t do this stewardship campaign two years earlier.”

  • “My concern is we were going to overburden and doing a stewardship campaign was like preparing taxes. It was hard to get excited about it, and it was going to take a lot of work… Our experience with ISS couldn’t have been further from that.”

And finally, “It was a journey that forever changed me as I learned to sacrifice and give myself to my Lord and Savior.”

Two record attendances, a record number of baptisms (42), a record number of salvations (35) in a single day, and 93 salvations overall during the 4-week sermon series. God used a capital campaign (yes, a capital campaign) to help grow their church.

What happened at Victory Life Church can happen at yours as well.

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