The fourth and final phase of our campaign process, Followthru, is vitally important, as it helps people walk in faithfulness to what God laid on their hearts during the Going Public phase, and ensures the financial goals set at the beginning of the campaign by your church are met, and even, exceeded. We accomplish this a variety of ways.

Reveal Sunday: Your church's consultant will work with your church to fully leverage the momentum from the announcement of the campaign's results. 

Capture and Assess Results: Throughout the three-year giving period, we are dedicated to sustaining and increasing congregational commitment. We conduct quarterly Financial Analyses that help fully engage pledged, non-pledged, and new givers.

Milestones: We also help develop strategic communication for events such as Halftime and Closeout Events.

INJOY Stewardship is committed to staying with your church throughout the entire campaign process, doing all we can to serve your church with integrity and excellence.