Financial Analysis

Through our Financial Analysis (FA) we are able to provide an extremely accurate, in-depth look at your church's financial condition. This analysis is so informative, some churches purchase the Financial Analysis alone. The Financial Analysis includes the following insights:

Giving Groups: We break down donors into giving groups, allowing us to craft communication specifically tailored to each level of giver. These groups include Emerging Givers, Core Givers, Intermediate Givers, and High Capacity Givers.

Pace Analysis: The Pace Analysis tracks the progress of giving my individual donor based on the previous year's giving. This shows if the donor is giving at a higher, lower, or equal than the previous year.

Churn Rate: Churn Rate indicates turnover in giving units, allowing us to determine where givers fall off the map, and how to address that issue.

Capacity Projection: Analyzing the previous years giving, we determine the amount your church can expect to raise in an INJOY Stewardship led campaign.

You can download a sample portion Financial Analysis here

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