Our Process for a Successful Capital Campaign


Is your church looking to raise capital in an upcoming campaign?

At INJOY Stewardship Solutions, we want to help you CRUSH your next capital campaign.

We created a 4-part process to a successful capital campaign taken directly from I Chronicles 28-29.

Each step is essential for a great campaign.

We unpack each of those steps below.

Vision Clarification

Vision clarity is the number one determining factor in a campaign's success.

In the Vision Clarification portion of our campaign strategy, our consultant helps craft a customized capital campaign alongside the leadership team of your church.

There are two distinct components of the Vision Clarification process that produces a unique campaign experience: Environmental Assessment and Financial Analysis.

  • Environmental Assessment: Before we begin a campaign, we seek to understand your church's specific culture and DNA, because we want to custom fit your campaign to your church. We thoroughly evaluate your current ministry environment and leadership culture to gain an understanding of your church's rhythm and style.

  • Financial Analysis: At the beginning of the campaign, we set many goals, including financial goals. Through our Financial Analysis, we conduct a complete three-year study of your church's stewardship and generosity trends. We are then able to develop a Capacity Assessment showing what your church can expect to raise with extreme accuracy.

Through Vision Clarification, your church is able to construct a campaign that captures your church's culture, and God's vision for the future.

Leadership Development

Everything rises and falls on leadership, including the success of a capital campaign.

During the Leadership Development phase of our campaign strategy, we help unify, develop, and deploy leaders as carriers of God's vision for the church.

This is accomplished a number of ways.

group leadership.png
  • Campaign Team Meetings (CTM): INJOY Stewardship will help you recruit and train leaders for various campaign roles.

  • Legacy and Key Donor Development: We help identify financial leaders in your church, and craft a strategy that anticipates and answers their questions. 

  • Leadership Launch: Your church's consultant will work alongside your team to create optimum environments to cast vision to leaders, so the campaign gains broad-based buy-in.

Through the Leadership Development portion of our campaign strategy, we help ensure the leaders in your church are unified and prepared for what God has called you all to do.

Going Public

In the Going Public phase, the initiative is brought before the entire congregation through a variety of channels, including, for example, targeted communication, small group studies, Sunday School lessons, and a sermon series.

This helps everyone in the congregation understand what God wants to do through your church, and equips them participate in the campaign by helping them take personal journeys of faith and sacrifice.

  • Spiritual Journey: Prayer is the foundation of any successful ministry, particularly a campaign. Through a message series, and strategic prayer journey, the congregation will enjoy environments which allow them to connect to the heart of God.

  • Commitment Events: Following the Biblical blueprint found in 1 Chronicles 28 - 29, the leaders will make an initial commitment, followed by a congregational Commitment Event.

The Going Public phase of the campaign initiative is the culmination of months of hard work and prayer, leading to praise, celebration, and momentum.


The fourth and final phase of our campaign process, Followthru, is vitally important, as it helps people walk in faithfulness to what God laid on their hearts during the Going Public phase, and ensures the financial goals set at the beginning of the campaign by your church are met, and even, exceeded. 

We accomplish this a variety of ways.

  • Reveal Sunday: Your church's consultant will work with your church to fully leverage the momentum from the announcement of the campaign's results. 

  • Capture and Assess Results: Throughout the three-year giving period, we are dedicated to sustaining and increasing congregational commitment. We conduct quarterly Financial Analyses that help fully engage pledged, non-pledged, and new givers.

  • Milestones: We also help develop strategic communication for events such as Halftime and Closeout Events.

INJOY Stewardship is committed to staying with your church throughout the entire campaign process, doing all we can to serve your church with integrity and excellence.

We would love to discuss your needs and timeline and help you on your church’s capital campaign journey.

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