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What one pastor learned from his capital campaign.

Pastor Mike Sorcinelli's testimony of what he's learning through his church's capital campaign.

Instant Replay: How to Stop The Summer Slump Online Event

Watch the replay of our latest online event.

how to increase church attendance this summer

The summer slump doesn't have to affect your church. Find out how


Find out what topic most pastors don't like talking about and why we must address it. 


In Episode 05 of The Ship Podcast we shed light on some of the most pressing challenges church leaders are facing. 

A step-by-step checklist on how to INCREASE giving over the summer.

Follow these steps and watch your giving increase during the season it typically decreases.

How to STOP the Summer Slump from harming your church.

The Summer Slump doesn't have to harm your church! All you need is a PLAN to counteract it. 

4 common mistakes churches make when engaging millennials in the area of stewardship.

An excerpt from our recently released eBook, The Millennial Handbook: 16 Ways to Engage Millennials on Stewardship.

The Modern Church Facility: A photo journal of four new church building projects

A portfolio of four churches’ architectural plans, artist renderings, and photos of their completed projects

3 distinguishing traits ALL great leaders possess (and you should too).

Great leaders are no more talented than anybody else, they just know how to do these three things really well. 

How a church with no prior capital campaign experience exceeded its goal by $400k.

The incredible story of More Life Church in Newark, OH. 

2 ways to enhance the overall stewardship culture at your church. 

People in your church are either in the "Shallow Stream" or "Deep Stream". The way you should communicate to each group about giving differs.

4 reasons you should use a capital campaign consultant.

The question we get asked most often is, “Why should we use a capital campaign consultant?” Here are four reasons you should use a partner company.

How to have a successful and exciting debt retirement capital campaign.

Nobody likes the idea of doing a capital campaign to retire debt, but there is a way for you to have an EXCITING and SUCCESSFUL debt retirement campaign.

When is the best time to launch a capital campaign?

There are certain times of the year that are more ideal to launch capital campaigns, but when are they?