When DEBT is high, vision is low.

When debt is HIGH, vision is LOW. This is true in your life and your church.

High amounts of debt change our perspective and change the way we operate.  

When debt is high in your personal life, your mindset is no longer about THRIVING. Your mindset becomes all about SURVIVING. Surviving until the next time you’re able to go the grocery store. Surviving until the next power bill shows up. Surviving until the next paycheck comes in.

When church debt is high, your mindset as a leader no longer focuses on the vision God has for your church. Instead, you’re focusing on surviving another week of tithes and offerings, surviving another month without any emergency expenses, surviving another season in a facility that is too small or outdated.

But this is not the way God intended you, or your church, to operate. He has intended you to THRIVE in life without financial stress or worry. He’s intended you to dream dreams about big, exciting, immeasurably greater things He is calling you to, but making those dreams a reality requires financial freedom and this thing called margin.

In order to build financial margin in both your personal life and your church, you must do three things:

  1. Recognize God owns it all.

  2. RESOLVE yourself to build margin.

  3. Create a PLAN to build margin.

Margin gives us the space to operate freely in who God has intended us to be and what He’s called us to do, and it leads to an increased level of VISION in our lives.

To learn how you can begin to build margin in your life and at your church, listen to Episode 02 of The Ship Podcast!