The Two Most Important Months For Exceeding Your Budget Are…

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I know what you thought when you read the title of this post.  December is clearly the most important month for exceeding budget because of year-end giving.  While a successful year-end strategy is vital to exceeding your church’s annual budget, I would like to make the argument for the two months of April and May.  Yes, April and May.
Several years ago a study was conducted of over 1,000 churches to discover how many were below, meeting, or exceeding budget.  Only 6% exceeded budget!  Less than 1 out of every ten churches.  The #1 thing these churches had in common was they prioritized, promoted, and had a documented system for digital giving.  Churches automate what is important.
These churches also heavily promoted digital giving during April and May.  Why?  Because summer was coming.  If a family’s giving is automated, then vacations, leisure, and travel sports will affect only attendance patterns, not giving patterns or the ability to deliver ministry.
To help you maximize the digital giving efforts of your church, we've created an Online Giving Checklist.  This is a must-have resource for church leaders.  
Simply click HERE to access your free copy, and when April and May 2019 arrive, you'll be ready.