The Ship Podcast: The Front Lines of Launching Multi-Site

The Ship Ep 13.png

Welcome to Episode 13 of The Ship Podcast! On today’s episode, we have invited Rich Birch to speak about his leadership experiences. Rich has been on the front line of launching thirteen church campuses and will explain what has contributed to this success. Rich is also the host of the unSeminary blog and podcast offering immediately practical advice to pastors.

Key Points:

  • Rich shares his experiences from the launch of Connexus Church in Ontario, Canada.

  • Hear Rich explain what signs you should look for before launching a multi-site campus.

  • Rich explains the importance of building a good relationship with volunteers as you grow your church.

  • Rich shares about his experiences from working with INJOY Stewardship Solutions on a Capital Campaign.

Guest: Rich Birch
Facebook: Rich Birch
Twitter: @richbirch