The Ship Podcast: Giving During Tax Season

The Ship Ep 15.png

Welcome back to The Ship Podcast! On today’s episode, President and CEO of INJOY Stewardship Solutions, Joe Sangl will be discussing the tax reform bill and how it could affect your congregation during this tax season. He will share what you need to know in regard to the standard deduction change and how the majority of your congregation will no longer itemize their taxes. It is very possible that they will be told by their tax preparer that their giving no longer matters, in the eyes of taxes at least. Joe will share what you can do now in order to combat this by connecting tithes to the church to life change.

Key Points:

  • Joe will share changes to the standard deduction and what that means for the majority of people in America.

  • Hear how to equip your church to have a response when a tax preparer says their giving doesn’t matter.

  • Learn how to intentionally celebrate and connect how gifts given to the church lead to life change and missions work.

 Host: Joe Sangl
Facebook: @jsangl
Twitter: @joesangl