Stewardship Struggles & Strategies For A Growing Church

Every church is on a stewardship journey - a journey of learning what it means to manage and give away the resources God has entrusted to us according to His will. 

However, this journey can be complicated and knowing how to navigate and make proper decisions along the way is not always clear. 

Take Pastor Jeff Maness, Lead Pastor of Element Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for example.

Pastor Jeff moved to Cheyenne to plant Element Church in 2007. Soon after that, they began to experience incredible growth - in disciples and finances. However, the growth they experienced caused them to spend money quickly, and develop unhealthy stewardship habits that led them to a place of financial struggles. 

At one point, Pastor Jeff had to meet with the staff of Element Church and say, “If three people don’t voluntarily lay themselves off, I will have to do it for you.”

How did they get to this place? What financial mistakes did they make that caused a great deal of stress on Pastor Jeff and the church in general?

Today, Element Church is in a very healthy place financially, and Pastor Jeff preaches on stewardship as the Holy Spirit leads him, not as a necessity to make payroll. So, what practices and processes did Element implement to get to a healthy place financially?

In the most recent episode of The Ship Podcast, Pastor Jeff Maness provides practical insight and wisdom on how to steward resources effectively in a growing church. 

Every church is on a stewardship journey. Listen to this episode to discover how to ensure the journey is a great one.