3 distinguishing traits ALL great leaders possess (and you should too).

In lieu of his recently published book, Timeless: 10 Enduring Practices of Apex Leaders, INJOY Stewardship executive team member, and leadership expert, Brian Dodd, hopped aboard The Ship Podcast to discuss what makes great - or "apex” - leaders so successful.

Brian began the journey of writing Timeless because he wanted to get to the bottom of what traits distinguish apex leaders from everybody else. So, over the last several years, Brian intensely studied over 180 apex leaders and noticed ten common traits every great leader possessed.

His research focused on answering this question:

Are top-level leaders able to achieve greatness in their respected fields because they are supernaturally gifted by God, or can ANYBODY develop themselves into an apex leader?

Thankfully, once he completed his research, he realized that anyone could develop themselves into an apex leader.  

In Episode 04 of The Ship Podcast, Brian and Matthew Garrison discuss three of the ten enduring practices of apex leaders:

  1. How apex leaders build great teams.

  2. How apex leaders form strong relationships.

  3. How apex leaders make others better.

We believe leadership matters because people matter.

One day, we all will be held accountable to God for how we lead the people He has placed in our care, so to better shepherd God’s flock, we must commit to developing our own leadership capabilities.

So, listen to Episode 04 of The Ship Podcast and apply the wisdom Brian Dodd brings us. If you do, we truly believe you will be better equipped to lead yourself, your family, and your church!