MARGIN: How to create it in your life and organization

Overstating the value of margin is tough.  

But what exactly is margin? 

The way we define it is, “having the SPACE to move about FREELY in who God has made us to be and what He’s called us to do, without hindrance or hesitation.”

Margin is so valuable because it gives us the freedom to do precisely what God calls us to do when He calls us to do it, and it can come in many shapes and sizes.

On a personal level, margin can come in the form of having the emotional and mental capacity to serve people well. It can mean having the time to rest so that you can minister from a place of overflow. It can also mean having the financial margin to step into exactly what God has called you to do without stress or worry.

On an organizational level, margin can mean the same things for your church, but it is especially crucial when considering your church’s financial health. In order to step into all God has in store for your church, you will need to build margin so that the organization can become ALL that God has intended it to be. 

So, does your church have margin? 

A lot of churches don’t, and they end up finding themselves stuck because they do not have the freedom to think outside of the box. They cannot change their methodology because to change methods would cost money. And if there’s no space in the budget, there is no space to change how you do things. 

But if you want your church to be a growing, changing, and adaptive ministry that continually meets the needs of your people, you must build margin, and that’s what we discuss in Episode 02 of The Ship Podcast.

In this month’s podcast, we sat down with our President and CEO, Joseph Sangl, and asked him HOW church leaders can create margin in their personal lives and their organizations. 

Our heart is to help you, and your church become all that God has intended you to be, but to get there, you must build margin. So, give Episode 02 of The Ship Podcast a listen and learn how to start building!