Many Pastors Don’t Like, In Fact, They Hate This

Many pastors don’t like to talk about money. In fact, many have shared they actually hate to talk about money. This should not be the case. Money is an important part of our everyday lives! It is one of the two leading causes of divorce in our society. To ignore it in the church is to allow the world to influence your congregation’s view of money. Will that be a godly influence? Jesus referenced money or possessions in 17 of the 38 parables documented in the Gospels.
When people decide to begin giving to the Lord’s work, they haven’t just made a financial decision. They have also made a spiritual decision! This is because they have decided, often driven by biblical teaching, to trust God with what the world trusts most – money and possessions. Do you believe the Lord will honor their decision? Absolutely!
Perhaps one reason many church leaders don’t want to talk about money is because they feel like they are asking for something from their people. Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of North Point Community Church, addressed this very feeling when he said, “When people are convinced you want something FOR them rather than something FROM them, they are less likely to be offended when you challenge them.”
It is all about approach and motives. Will you challenge people to give solely because it helps you accomplish the vision? Or is it so people will honor the Lord with their money and possessions and position themselves for blessings from Him?
Much of this text was taken from Stop Summer Slump: Experience Momentum During The Summer. We want you to have the entire resource. To download your complimentary copy, click HERE.