INTRODUCING: “The Ship” - A Unique Leadership Podcast From INJOY Stewardship

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INTRODUCING: The Ship Podcast - a new, unique podcast for church leaders on the intersection of stewardship and leadership.

Whether you realize it or not, leadership and stewardship are intertwined. They have a symbiotic relationship with one another, meaning they mutually affect each other and are impossible to separate.

Ironically, they also tend to be the two most challenging areas for leaders to WIN in.

But we want to change that! That’s exactly why we created this podcast.

When you listen to The Ship, we’re going to help you understand the complex relationship that exists between stewardship and leadership, and we’re going to help you identify the challenges your church is facing, then give you solutions on how to overcome them!

You'll hear from a variety of personalities on The Ship, from INJOY Stewardship team members, to fellow pastors, to other wise and successful leaders. Our promise is to always deliver incredibly helpful content by providing actual solutions to the stewardship and leadership challenges you are facing.

We’d love for you to board The Ship and give Episode 0 a listen!



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