How to STOP the Summer Slump from harming your church.

The Summer Slump. Every church leader knows exactly what those words mean. It means a drop in attendance, decreased participation, and reduced giving. According to statistics shared by LifeWay, when compared to highest attendance months, average Sunday morning attendance drops by 23 percent in June and 34 percent in July. 

That's why we created this free eBook - Stop Summer Slump. It gives you a comprehensive plan on how to:

  1. BUILD momentum throughout the summer.
  2. INCREASE participation in ministry events. 
  3. See GROWTH in your regular giving.  

The summer slump can be demoralizing to church leaders and financial administrators as the ministry attempts to make progress toward the vision with fewer people and less money. If an unexpectedly deep summer slump is experienced, it can impact the church’s ability to build momentum in the fall as energy and funds are needed to replenish unplanned losses.

In a recent survey, we asked churches of all sizes and denominations how they handle the summer slump. The answers varied from “waving the white flag of surrender” to “taking out a loan” to “doing nothing!"

So, what is a church leader to do? Some leaders have taken a passive approach saying, “Let’s just see how it works out.” This has come with varying outcomes, but usually delivers less than desirable results. However, there is a way that could prove profitable. We’ll call it the “Proverbs 21:5 Road Map” – a way to stop the summer slump, or at least prevent summer slumps from zapping all of the momentum from your church.


“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.” – Proverbs 21:5


In Proverbs 21:5, Solomon shares two potential outcomes: profit or poverty. If given the choice, of course, we would all choose profit over poverty. In this verse, great wisdom is provided to show us how to produce a profit. Solomon says it is important to have a plan. Read Proverbs 21:5 again. Do you see it?

This is our first clue to stop summer slumps: We must have a plan! Do you have a plan to address the summer slump at your church? If you do, fantastic! If you do not we’ve developed a free eBook to help your team craft a three-part plan that will help you STOP the Summer Slump from harming your church!

Download your free copy of Stop Summer Slump today to start planning for your church's best summer ever.