How to Implement Needed Change in A Healthy & Respectful Way

All church leaders can relate to the tension of implementing needed change in a healthy and respectful way. However, accomplishing this task can be difficult.  

Our President and CEO, Joe Sangl, recently spoke with Ron Edmondson, Former Senior Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. When Ron became the Senior Pastor, he came in with “fresh eyes.” The over 100-year old church had a rich history of ministry in the heart of Kentucky and was well respected in the community. However, there were aspects of the church that needed to change in order to continue to minister powerfully for another 100 years. So, Ron wrestled with how to properly respect all The Lord had done and the sacrifices countless people had made that allowed the church to thrive for such an extended period of time while also making tough decisions to move the church forward. 

All church leaders who have assumed new roles can relate to this struggle; the struggle of implementing needed change in a healthy and respectful way. Two words summarized Ron’s conviction in this area: humility and purpose. Humility because he realized he didn’t have all the answers, and not everything at the church needed to change. Purpose because the church is called to move forward and bring God’s Kingdom to Earth. The results were a thankfulness for all God had done at Immanuel and excitement for all He wanted to do moving forward. 

Ron has learned many incredible lessons through his time as a business owner, an elected public official, church planter, Senior Pastor, and author. You can hear Ron tell more about implementing needed change the right way, and so much more, in our interview on Episode #7 of The Ship Podcast. Listen now!  

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