How to get capital campaign consulting at a fraction of the cost

Did you know that you can receive capital campaign consulting at a fraction of the typical cost?

Often, pastors and church leaders completely write-off the possibility of using a campaign consultant because they do not believe they can justify the typical cost associated with using a partner, or they know that their leadership team will never get behind it.

But if you find yourself believing the same thing, we want you to know there is a solution.

A few years ago, our team started hosting an event called Capital Campaign University (CCU). CCU is a two-day workshop where church leaders can come and learn everything they need to plan an incredibly effective capital campaign. Instead of our team coming to you to walk you through the INJOY Stewardship process, we decided to bring teams to Atlanta, G.A., so the cost of receiving excellent, world-class campaign consulting could be lowered dramatically.

The next Capital Campaign University is just around the corner on February 7th and 8th, and we would love for you to join us.

If you are a leader who knows your church would benefit from capital campaign coaching but aren’t ready to invest in a full, on-site partnership with a consultant, you need to be here. When you come to CCU, our team of consultants will walk you through the entire INJOY Stewardship process to create a capital campaign plan that WORKS for your church.

We’ll conduct an extensive financial analysis of your church’s giving culture, teach you our four-step process, then allow you to collaborate with INJOY Stewardship consultants so that you can create a plan and calendar that outlines each step in your church’s campaign process.

You will leave with all the tools you need to conduct an incredibly effective capital campaign and a renewed passion for where God is leading your church.

If Capital Campaign University is the solution your church needs, sign up today! Spots are going fast, and registration will only be open for a few more weeks!

If you’d like to learn more about CCU and how it’s helped other churches, click here.

We hope to see you in Atlanta in February!