How The 2018 Tax Reform Bill Will Affect Your Church's Giving

Below is a note from our President and CEO, Joseph Sangl:

As many of you know, I am passionate about teaching financial stewardship. It’s my primary calling in life, and it is for this very reason that I felt compelled to send you this note.

The new tax reform bill that passed earlier this year has allowed many people to bring home extra income (most analysts say that about 87% of people have experienced an increase in income as a result). However, one of the major changes has yet to manifest itself fully. It is coming in early 2019, and it will result in most givers hearing their tax preparer saying these words: 

“Your giving doesn’t matter … for tax purposes.” 

If we, as church leaders, aren’t intentionally communicating that it does matter – to God and to Kingdom advancement – our congregation may just hear the first four words said to them by their tax preparer: “Your giving doesn’t matter …” 

I’ve prepared a short video explaining this tax law change and three steps your church can take to address it. Click here to watch it on demand.