Creating A Culture To Consistently Reproduce Leaders

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Welcome to another episode of The Ship Podcast! Our guest today is Adam Barr, the pastor of Peace Church in Middleville, Michigan. Over the nine years that Adam has been at Peace Church, the church has nearly tripled in size and their budget has done the same! Many critical decisions were made during this time and having a unified team was essential. Adam is here today to share his experiences at Peace Church and how that led to a partnership with INJOY Stewardship Solutions.

Key Points:

  • Adam shares the mentors that have impacted his life and shaped him into the leader that he is today.

  • Hear how quarterly leadership training meetings in the early days at the church have created a culture that consistently reproduces leaders.

  • A facility was eventually required to accommodate the growth of the church. Adam shares his experience in a capital campaign initiative with INJOY Stewardship Solutions.

Guest: Adam Barr
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