Conducting a Successful Year-End Giving Push

The Ship Episode 10.png

Do you feel like this year has flown by? Well don’t blink because Christmas will be here before you know it. We know that time can get away from you and that is why we brought in Michael Lukaszewski to talk about Year-End Giving in Episode 10 of The Ship Podcast. Michael has some great tips on how to conduct a successful Year-End Giving push at your church in 2018.

Key Points:

  • Michael explains the importance of having the right purpose in mind when conducting a year end offering.

  • Hear how to change your mindset from a dollar goal to instead a participation goal when it comes to your year end giving goals.

  • Matthew asks Michael to share the biggest mistake a church can make in year end giving.

  • Michael shares the ideal time to start planning your year end giving along with when (and how!) you should bring the event to your congregation.

Guest: Michael Lukaszewski
Twitter: @mlukaszewski
Facebook: @michaellukaszewski