Churches Who Are Exceeding Budget Are Doing These 7 Things

Often we'll ask pastors and church leaders what their funding plan for the upcoming year is.  Most of the time they will tell me about their budget. Our response is always the same, “The budget is a spending plan. Can you tell us what your plan is for funding the budget?”  The answers we generally receive confirms why the vast majority of churches fail to reach their budgetary goals and needs.
Churches who are meeting and exceeding their budget have seven systems in place. 
Our team has put together an on-demand video where I unpack each of these systems and how they all work together to fully-fund your mission and vision. 

Our goal at INJOY Stewardship Solutions is to help you build healthy cultures of stewardship and generosity so your mission and vision can be fully-funded.  If we can help you further in this area, just click here and let us know.