Capital Campaign University Recap - Day 2

Today, our team hosted the second day of Capital Campaign University at NorthStar Church in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Around 20 church leaders from across the United States and Canada are joining us for this two-day conference as we teach them how to implement the INJOY Stewardship campaign process in their unique church environment.

CCU is divided into eight main sessions over two days - four sessions focusing on each of the steps in the four-step spiritual journey process, and four sessions focused on collaboration and practical application of each step.

Each of the main sessions were taught by our President and CEO, Joseph Sangl, and Executive Director of Consulting, Chad Aukland.

We wanted to provide you with a brief overview of each of the sessions, so if you’d like to get more familiar with our process, read the recap of Day 2 below!

Session 3 - “Going Public” - Chad Aukland

  • The goal of Going Public is to cast the vision to the entire congregation and invite them into a spiritual journey of sacrifice.

  • The capital campaign should be revealed to your entire congregation through a message/sermon series focused on the vision of the capital campaign.

  • The goal of the campaign message series should be to communicate the vision with the entire church and move them to the point of spiritual and financial commitment.

  • The message series should communicate attributes of biblical stewardship while simultaneously painting a picture of the vision and project.

  • A good Public Launch will bring exposure and clear communication of the campaign to your entire audience and help ensure MAXIMUM participation.

  • Call people to equal SACRIFICE – not equal gifts.

Session 4 - “FollowTHRU” - Joe Sangl

  • The overall commitment event is not the finish line, it is the STARTING line.

  • The proof of a capital stewardship campaign’s success is what has been received during the GIVING phase.

  • Followthru helps keep the vision alive and hearts attached to God’s future for the ministry.

  • Followthru is vitally important because it establishes TRUST in leadership!

  • Without effective Followthru, a church can typically expect to receive only about 75% of the pledged funds.

  • Changes and milestones during the giving phase require careful FollowTHRU to navigate the DECISIONS and COMMUNICATIONS of the campaign to keep it on course.

We have had an absolute blast serving church leaders over the past two days. If your church is interested in attending CCU in the future or you have questions about any steps of our campaign process, please let us know! Our team stands ready to serve you and your church in whatever stewardship needs your church is facing.