Can Digital Giving Help Your Church Exceed Budget?

Several years ago a study was conducted of over 1,000 churches to discover how many were below, meeting, or exceeding budget. The results were startling!

  • 80% were below budget. That’s right – 4 of every 5 churches could not even do the minimum of what God was asking them to do because of a lack of funding.

  • 14% met budget. However, these churches still had no margin to do anything unexpected God might call them to do. In fact, they were broke!

  • Only 6% exceeded budget. Less than 1 out of 10 churches.

The study then dove into the 6% of churches to discover what common threads might exist. The #1 thing churches did to exceed budget was prioritize, promote, and have a documented system for digital giving. 

Furthermore, digital giving was found to be the #1 item which prevents a giving slump. To help you maximize digital giving at your church, we have created an Online Giving Checklist that is a must-have for church leaders.

Click HERE to receive your copy. Make sure you don’t miss anything which could help you fully-fund the mission and vision God has given you.