Become Fully-Funded in 2019

What comes to your mind when you think of INJOY Stewardship Solutions? Recently, Mike Linch, senior pastor of NorthStar Church, shared what our partnership meant to him and how his church has become fully funded.

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INJOY Stewardship Solutions helps you personally. Mike told the team he was at a loss of how to address the church’s debt and all he could do was see “rubble.” Using Nehemiah as his point of reference, Mike mentioned how the advice of his consultant “changed everything,” and he was finally able to dream again. A capital campaign can be a daunting experience for pastors because it is measurable and a potentially complicated process. You cannot preach your way through a capital campaign. You must lead yourself and others through a capital campaign. Mike said, “I didn’t want to fail, and you guys showed up. You showed up with the right words at the right moment and the right time. It was exactly what I needed.”

INJOY Stewardship Solutions helps your church. This is a spiritual journey, not a fundraiser. A vision-driven effort is about connecting people to the heart of God and trusting Him in a sacrificial manner. With many options concerning how to move forward, NorthStar’s leaders unanimously agreed to get out of debt as a church. By helping lead the church through a discipleship process of Struggling to Stability to Surrender to Sacrifice, they're able to shout “WE ARE DEBT FREE!!!”

INJOY Stewardship Solutions helps you help your community. With the debt now paid off, NorthStar Church is leveraging the funds which used to go to the bank to its community and other Kingdom-minded organizations. Mike said, “We began to help others build their walls because you helped us build ours.” The poor and under-resourced in their community are now being served at a greater level. Hundreds of children were able to have Christmas gifts. More people now have homes and reliable transportation. NorthStar Church is providing hope and healing at increased levels.

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