4 Steps to a Successful Capital Campaign

Most things in ministry are subjective.  “Good sermon pastor!” – subjective! Your sermon is too long or too short. I recently sat through 2 hours 25 minutes of Avengers: Infinity War. It went by like 5 minutes. Subjective! It’s too hot or cold in the sanctuary – subjective! The music is too loud or soft – subjective! Most things in ministry are subjective.
One thing, however, in ministry is not subjective – your capital campaign results! It is an actual number, and you either achieved your results, or you did not. This is what keeps pastors awake at night. Did the people buy-in to our God-given vision or not? Do the people support me or not? A capital campaign often feels like a referendum or report card on the pastor’s leadership.
At INJOY Stewardship Solutions, we want to help you CRUSH your next capital campaign. We want to help you relieve stress and get more sleep at night. Therefore, we created a 4-part online video coaching series called The Five-Minute Capital Campaign, and we're making this available to you absolutely FREE. To download your complimentary coaching, click HERE.

In these videos, our President/CEO, Joseph Sangl, coaches you through our 4-Step Process to a successful capital campaign taken directly from I Chronicles 28-29. These four steps are:
1.       Vision Clarification
2.       Leadership Development
3.       Going Public
4.       FollowThru
Each step is vital for you to CRUSH your campaign goals! So, click HERE and download your coaching today! We'll unpack each of these steps in great detail!
If you would prefer to speak with an INJOY Stewardship consultant and get a FREE 30-Minute phone consultation to discuss your campaign need and timeline, click HERE and someone will be in touch within 24 hours.