4 Most Important Things Every Church Should Want When Needing To Raise Money

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When it comes to generosity and needing to raise significant money for ministry, this is my favorite post to write. Too often, people focus on all the perceived negatives – one-on-one meetings, extra work, preaching on money, etc.

But there are four essential things every church should want when needing to raise money. I can’t wait to tell you about them.

Maximum Dollars - This is a given but why you want maximum dollars is what is so compelling. Every church, whether intuitively or spelled out, has three things – a Ministry Plan, a Facility Plan, and a Funding Plan. They are all inter-related. Let me explain.

Your Ministry Plan is everything God is doing and wants to do at your church. It's your mission, vision, core values, and strategic plan. The Facility Plan is your buildings and grounds which facilitate what God wants to do. Your Funding Plan provides the fuel needed to facilitate what God wants to do.

The more funds you raise, the more of your ministry plan you will get to see fulfilled.

To hear the other three essential things every church should want when need to raise money, watch this video for my teaching on the subject. It is my favorite lesson I get to share with pastors and church leaders. I truly believe it will make you a better leader.

If you would like to have these four things happen at your church, click HERE and start a conversation with our team. We would be honored to serve you.