3 Ways to Plan for a Year-End Offering

In Episode 10 of The Ship Podcast, special guest, Michael Lukaszewski is here to share his expertise on how to conduct a successful year-end giving push at your church in 2018. With a background as a church planter and a pastor, Michael knows first hand what it takes to make this offering truly special.

During this episode, Michael shares three simple things to keep in mind as your church plans for their year-end offering. He will explain the importance of having the right purpose, participation and branding and how they can affect your congregation. If implemented correctly, your churches year-end giving push can be more successful than you ever thought possible.

In helping churches conduct year-end giving pushes, Michael also knows the common mistakes that churches can make and how to avoid them. Making sure that you have all this information is crucial as the end of the year is fast approaching. Don’t miss the tips that Michael has to share so that this year-end offering will be your most successful yet!