Live Blog 2019 ReThink Leadership Conference – 57 Leadership Quotes from Dan Reiland on Crucial Skills for XPs and Senior Pastors

This blog is written by INJOY Stewardship Director of New Ministry Partnerships, Brian Dodd. It originally appeared on INJOY Stewardship is blessed by Brian’s leadership insight and his heart for pastors and we are grateful we get to work with him every day.

May 1st through 3rd are three of my favorite leadership days of the year. 

Each year, INJOY Stewardship Solutions allows me to live-blog the Orange and ReThink Leadership Conferences.

No event stretches my thinking more and make me a smarter and better-equipped leader than this event.

If you are unfamiliar with ReThink and Orange, let me give you an overview.

Hosted by Carey Nieuwhof, ReThink is a series of Ted-Talk-style lessons from some of the most innovative minds in business and leadership.

Orange is simply the nation’s preeminent organization on children’s ministry.

As part of my time here, INJOY Stewardship is offering a FREE Capital Campaign Calculator for your church. 

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The first breakout speaker was one of my favorite people on the planet, the incomparable Dan Reiland. 

Dan is Executive Pastor at 12Stone Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

 He is best known as a leader with a pastor’s heart and a coach’s instincts.

Dan truly loves the local church and is described as one of the nation’s most innovative church thinkers.

The following are 57 leadership lessons and quotes from his brilliant session on Crucial Skills for XPs and Senoir Pastors:

  1. It’s great to one day about being in charge…. And then the day comes I am in charge…. When imagined freedom turns into responsibility…. You begin to think I report to everybody.

  2. Don’t focus on climbing. Focus on getting better not rising hirer.

  3. If you’ll just build something and enjoy what you do, you’ll get seen and be found.

  4. As your organization grows the list of things you do get shorter, but the weight feels heavier.

  5. The ability to take ownership at a core level.This is the moment “the buck stops here” and you accept it.

  6. The ability to handle speed and pressure.

  7. Margin decreases but the experience increases and the Holy Spirit helps you fill the gap.

  8. The more you can absorb the pressure the better you can handle it.

  9. You don’t want to violate the speed of life and the speed of love…. It’s at this place you find balance.

  10. The ability to see the next level.

  11. Organizational leadership is influence + anticipation.You have to be out in front on at least one strategic focus.

  • Crucial Skills for Senior and Executive Church Leaders

  1. Translate Vision Into Strategy

  2. In general we are better at starting things than stopping…. It’s your ability to finish.

  3. You don’t need a perfect strategy. You need the right set of questions… like Who’s on the lead team?  What is your process?  How do you make decisions here?

  4. Communicate Faith and Hope About An Optimistic Message For The Future

  5. The people you lead borrow your faith while they’re developing their own.

  6. The message must always be one of hope not hype.Hope is when you trust God.  Hype is when you’re trying to convince yourself.

  7. Sincerity always trumps excellence. So lead with your heart.

  8. Not knowing what to do is not the same thing as not knowing what you’re doing.

  9. Go back to the last thing you knew for sure and begin marching forward again.

  10. Trust that God is with you because He is.

  11. Raise Up And Empower Leaders

  12. Senior leaders who struggle most are those who wrestle with control, micro-management, and not trusting those who can’t do their job.They can’t let go.  Leaders who can’t let go get stuck.

  13. How to empower leaders – Trust with responsibility, Train for competency, Unleash with authority, Communicate with clear expectations, and love and believe in each one for maximum potential.

  14. Demonstrate Self-Leadership

  15. Self-awareness leads to self-leadership.

  16. Hearing God’s voice is crucial to self-leadership.

  17. What’s the last thing you heard God say?

  18. Self-leadership means every day, every day, every day, prayer and exercise.

  19. Lead Change

  20. When you change something and nobody gets mad, you just changed something that doesn’t matter.

  21. Motion causes friction.

  22. Change is disruptive but necessary. Comfort is the enemy of progress.

  23. Takes Risks

  24. What risks are you embracing to the thing you are out in front that if you change it, it really matters?

  25. Solve Problems

  26. Solve the problems that help you gain momentum and make the progress towards the vision.

  27. Make Difficult Decisions

  28. Most churches are one tough call away from a breakthrough.

  29. Accuracy – making the right decisions at the right time.Speed – making the decision when it needs to be made.

  30. The key thing executives do is make weighty decisions.

  31. Objective information – get the data.

  32. Are you not making the decision because you don’t know what to do?

  33. Wisdom is not elusive.

  34. What are the obstacles in your path? Get out in front and knock down the obstacles.

  35. Abundance over scarcity. Don’t imagine what you don’t have.  Imagine what God can do.

  36. There’s an intersection between faith and prudence.

  37. Collaborative means two things – input on the front end and feedback on the backend. Ownership on the frontend and accountability on the backend.

  38. Learn the difference between preaching from the pulpit and leading from the pulpit. These are different skill sets.

  39. Before I work on administrative skills I would work on my ability to develop leaders around you. A lot of people can manage your stuff but very few develop leaders.

  40. Build your leadership group on simplicity and consistency. Get a group. Pick a book.  Ask two questions – what did you learn?  How are you applying it?

  41. A catalytic leader gets their own group..Hungry people.  Get people who want to be there.

  42. The ability to handle all power and no power at the same time – What to look for in a XP…. You don’t want an executive valet.

  43. God made me a people visionary. Oftentimes I will see something in a person before they do and call it out in them as a coach.

  44. My writing helps me know what I think.

  45. In meetings, agendas travel up.  Get the right people in the room.  Move as fast as you can and then measure the outcomes.

  46. If there is ever a moment we don’t have an agenda, we don’t meet.  We don’t meet just to meet.

Dan is simply one of the Godliest, smartest, and most insightful leaders in Christianity today.

It’s an honor to call him a friend.

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Does God Still Part Red Seas? Absolutely! The Story of The Experience Church in Bridgeport, OH

Wheeling, WV, and Bridgeport, OH are two neighboring towns located on the Ohio River at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Bridgeport is a small town with a population of 1,195 people and is the picture of abject poverty in the United States with median household incomes of $37,692 per year.

Pastors Tim and Linda Seidler

Pastors Tim and Linda Seidler

But tucked away in this Appalachian Valley is a church, two pastors, and a move of God which is as miraculous as the parting of the Red Sea. Don’t believe me? Allow me to introduce you to The Experience Church and its pastors, Tim, and Linda Seidler.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Pastors Tim and Linda and hear their story. These two are delightful individuals every Christian leader should know.

A Wife’s Prayer

Tim and Linda were high school sweethearts who are now entering their 30th year of marriage. But early on, Linda had a relationship with Jesus while Tim did not. He was a talented musician, highly-driven, his company’s top salesperson, and hugely successful, however, Tim would see Linda taking their girls to church each Sunday. Even though he did not have a relationship with Christ he wanted to be the best husband and father he could.

Linda would lay hands on Tim and pray, “God, I know how you designed him. Please let him do in the Kingdom what he’s doing in the world.” Tim began attending weekly services, and God answered her prayer and then some. Tim became a modern-day Saul-to-Paul story. He was not knocked down with a bright light, but he was a person of enormous capacity, talent, and influence who was now using those gifts in a ministry context.

As a result, The Experience Ministry was soon born.

A Christian Happy Hour

Tim and Linda soon discovered the people in the Valley did not have a problem with Jesus, but they had a big problem with the church. God birthed in them a desire to start something fresh and exciting for people far from God. So in 2010, they began a service called Happy Hour which included music, coffee, and preaching. Forty people were in attendance that first Sunday but everyone knew God was up to something. This small gathering grew, and grew, and grew some more.

Why The Experience Church Was Growing So Fast

I asked Pastors Tim and Linda why the church grew so rapidly (other than the goodness of God of course). The following were their answers:

  1. A Passion About The Power Of Invitation – Allow me to paraphrase Pastor Tim’s words, your invitation can cause a conversation which leads to transformation and can change someone’s eternal destination. The church is passionate about inviting people into conversations and to church.

  2. Social Meda – The church has a very successful social media presence.

  3. Authenticity – The Experience Church is the perfect place for imperfect people. 65-70% of their church were truly unchurched people – not de-churched, so they had no church background and brought all of those issues with them.

  4. Not Authority But Relationship – They honor up (those in ministry positions), down (the broken and hurting), and all around.

  5. The church is a place of excitement.

  6. Diversity – All demographics are welcome. Women are also empowered.

  7. The Next Generation – A tremendous amount of resources are dedicated to families and especially children.

The Experience Church Hits A Lid

By 2018, the church had purchased an old Catholic school to meet in. However, the facility had no parking. In a town of 1195 people, the church had an Easter attendance of 1,800!!! The church leadership then decided to be smart but also walk by faith. Fifty acres were purchased just off the interstate as you can see in the video above.

Pastors Tim And Linda Seek Wise Counsel

Pastors Tim and Linda are continual learners. They are always picking someone’s brain. Facing a need to raise more money than at any time in the church’s history and living in a city with mostly broke people, Tim discovered INJOY Stewardship Solutions. Understanding a partnership fee would be required to work together; he leaned on his Sales background. Tim reasoned if INJOY Stewardship helped them raise $1 more than the cost of services, the partnership was worth it. As Tim said, “I looked at the potential more than the cost.”

The Results – God Once Again Parts The Red Sea

With the help of their consultant Chad Aukland, the church set a faith goal of $850,000 which was a HUGE number!!! On the day of their commitment event, Tim and Linda went home, each got out a calculator, and began adding up the commitment cards. Linda said, “We were literally watching the five loaves and two fish multiplying.” Card after card. Commitment after commitment. Once compiled, the church received pledges of $1,129,000 in one of the most poverty-stricken areas of the country!!!

Pastors Tim and Linda pointed out there were only two rather large gifts. The congregation merely all participated in the vision and what God was doing. The results were not a result of the sacrifices of a few wealthy individuals but rather the commitment of many which was a great win for their entire city and church.

The First Miracle Many People Had Ever Seen

There has now been a new excitement and expectation in the air since the church announced its results. The church became the church. People, many with no religious background, saw the fruit of a God who can do anything. People stopped saying, “The church….” and began saying, “My church….” Greater ownership has taken place. People now see The Experience Church as their house.

A Consistent Thread From Pastors Tim And Linda Starting With The 20 People In Their Living Room To Their New 50 Acre Property

As I talked with these two incredible people, I felt the consistency from day one of The Experience Church until today. It has always been about the empty seat. The church has always been about unselfish people providing opportunities to reach more people. New people will come to a new location, and new open seats will be available for them to sit. The Experience Church has always been about inviting someone else in. As they have gotten bigger, they have also gotten smaller. An open seat is always available for a broken person to sit in. The capital campaign just helped them get further faster.

The Disease Of Comfort. When Is Enough Enough?

Pastor Tim concluded with these words, “These (capital campaigns) are hard. There’s a lot of prayer and a lot of effort. But when is enough, enough? When are we happy and comfortable? We’re uncomfortable if there is one more who doesn’t know Jesus and for them, we have a seat.”

Pastors Tim and Linda Seidler are two of the greatest Christian leaders I have spoken with in a long time. They are some of the kindest, most compassionate people I've ever had the privilege of speaking to. If you are not following them on Twitter, I would recommend you do so HERE and HERE. You can also follow the church HERE.

Finally, if your church is looking to raise significant capital in the next year and want what happened at The Experience Church to happen at yours, submit a contact form below.

We will be glad to follow-up and have a conversation with you!

How God Changed A Husband And Wife And Then An Entire Church

Have you ever experienced a miracle of God? Has there been a moment in your life when your jaw dropped to the ground because you were in awe of what God did in your life and in the life of your church?

Such a moment recently happened to the people of Immanuel Church in Gurnee, IL. Led by their incredible lead pastor, Josh Petersen, this church is changing thousands of lives on a weekly basis. They recently embarked on a capital campaign which not only exceeded all financial expectations but has transformed the church spiritually. I recently had the privilege of speaking with Josh about their experience. Here’s the story:

Immanuel hired INJOY Stewardship Solutions to assist in raising funds for a new facility. Chad Aukland, INJOY Stewardship’s Director of Consulting, kept talking about how this would be a spiritual journey and biblical process, not a fundraiser. Josh thought “this feels like sugar-coating something not delicious.” But as time passed, he began to feel differently.

Josh Peterson - Immanuel Baptist Church

Josh Peterson - Immanuel Baptist Church

Josh felt God calling him and his wife Heidi to sacrifice. During the campaign they were just seeking God, listening, obeying, and saw this was a chance to grow in the Lord. Rather than focusing on their checkbook, this became an ongoing conversation with God.

This continual dialogue was not about the building or money. These were merely tools to help Immanuel fulfill its mission of helping people to know Jesus and be more like Him. Josh and the church leadership became serious about the spiritual journey and what this would sound like. The term “spiritual journey” was no longer pastor-speak for “capital campaign.” This spiritual journey was about seeking the Lord and in turn, seeking their neighbors for Christ.

But for anything great to happen in your organization, something great must first happen in the lives of its leaders and this was true for Josh and Heidi.

In one of their first meetings, Chad told Josh, “Pray for your family. You’re the leader and there will be a target on your back.” I was incredibly impressed with Josh’s humility when he said, “We followed (the INJOY Stewardship and biblical) model to the letter. We did exactly what Chad said.” Not only did Chad and Josh have a great professional relationship, but they also developed a great friendship as well. Josh said, “Chad is amazing. Being with him doesn’t feel like work. It feels like hanging with a friend.”

Being a senior pastor can feel like being in a pressure cooker. Josh was Immanuel’s long-time youth pastor before taking over three-and-a-half years ago as lead pastor. As he soon discovered, if you are not careful, a church can become an adversary for your time and energy. As parents of four children, Josh and Heidi had to protect against this.

The campaign proved to be a spiritual journey for Heidi as well. For many years, she basically felt the work at the church was Josh’s work. Her role was to support him and make sure their children did not hate church and she did a great job. But during the campaign, her role began to expand. Heidi now leads a midweek student community group investing in the next generation.

For Josh and Heidi, eventually came the moment of truth. The time had come for them to sit down and make a financially sacrificial commitment to the church’s future. Josh and Heidi had been individually praying. Josh approached her about the amount they were to give. She responded, “I already know.” Like most of us husbands would be, he was put back on his heels in a good way. The number Heidi then gave was DOUBLE that which Josh was thinking!!!

Josh said, “I don’t know if we can afford that.” She responded with absolute confidence in God, “I have a plan” which she then laid out. In a moment of personal worship, Josh then had these words, “God, only you.”

As the time drew near for the congregation’s commitment, God had already been preparing the church in the following ways:

  • 93% congregational approval on the project.

  • 100% approval from the leaders Josh had been meeting with.

  • Attendance and baptisms were both growing in significant ways during 2018.

Josh said, “God, I need to stop questioning you because you’re showing up in profound ways.”

When millions of dollars were pledged and the church’s goals were blown away, Josh humbly stated, “For a guy who talks a lot, I didn’t have much to say.” The day the amount committed was revealed people were in awe of what God had done through this process.

For many people in the congregation, this was their first miracle moment.

The impact of the congregation since the campaign has been palpable as well. There is a fresh hunger in the church. Josh noted it “was insane how they are” at this new opportunity to reach their friends. His creative director pointed out how people are singing more and not getting tired of worship.

Josh has also observed that you can feel the Spirit. He said, “People are wallowing in it. We are celebrating who Jesus is.”

He concluded his time with me by reiterating, “Who He is doesn’t depend on our campaign number. We just have a desire to celebrate who God is.”

Josh Petersen is simply a Godly man and spectacular leader. It has been an honoring knowing and serving him.

If your church has a need to raise significant capital in the next year and would like to have happen in your church what happened at Immanuel, click the button below to talk to a campaign expert.

We would be honored to hear your story and serve you.

How to Win at Church Social Media

There is a good chance you either left Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to read this post or you are heading there once you are finished. We are an online, social media culture. I recently heard a statistic that if you took all the information a pastor writes online in a year, it would equal the amount of content contained in a book.

There are 2.32 billion people worldwide actively using Facebook. 326 million people are actively on Twitter. Instagram has over 400 million users! Simply put, the world is using social media. More to the point, those in your church are on social media.

Therefore, it is vital pastors and churches learn how to win at social media. This is why the team at INJOY Stewardship Solutions created a FREE resource entitled How To Win At Church Social Media. This complimentary ebook will give you the tools and strategies needed to connect with those online.

36 Leadership Quotes From Opening Session at C3 Conference


The following blog is from Brian Dodd, Director of New Ministry Partnerships for INJOY Stewardship Solutions.

For the next two days, I have been dispatched by INJOY Stewardship Solutions to attend and help sponsor the C3 Conference in Dallas, TX.  Hosted by Fellowship Church founded by Senior Pastor Ed Young,the C3 Conference is where leaders from around the world gather together for intensive coaching, inspirational teaching, incurable learning, and intentional relationships to advance the Church!

As part of my time here, INJOY Stewardship is offering a FREE Capital Campaign Calculator for your church.  If your church needs to raise significant capital in the next two years, this will be a wonderful source of information for you.

The event opened up with Pastor Ed speaking about .  The following are 36 Leadership Quotes And Information From Ric Flair (yes, that Ric Flair through a replay from earlier this year) and Ed Young’s Opening Session At C3 Conference:

Ric Flair


  2. I feel very comfortable here.

  3. I’ve been to Japan 65 times.

  4. I didn’t look at what I was doing to my family when I was traveling so much.

  5. I didn’t go home because I wanted to be the champion.

  6. I had terrible self-confidence and anxiety.

  7. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. It’s what you did during the body of the match.

  8. People remember what made you different.


Ed Young

  1. Everybody rassles with stuff.

  2. Jacob was a War In The Womb.

  3. Can I say that everything at Fellowship Church the last 28 years has been Spirit-led and Spirit-filled?. Heck-to-the-no!

  4. God is sovereign.  God is in charge.

  5. If you really ask pastors of large churches, most pastors don’t know why their church is big. It’s just the sovereignty of God.

  6. God’s soverereignty of God is not fair.

  7. Sometimes when you fish you come back to the dock with nothing.

  8. I’ve talked to so many people who traded their life in for a bowl of beans.

  9. We have Esau trading his fortune for flatulence, his gold for gas.

  10. I’m a preacher. I can live off a good compliment for three or four months.

  11. God often gives me pop quizzes to test me and test you rather than big exams.

  12. Being a pastor is a unique role.

  13. We, pastors, wrestle with the audience more than we know.

  14. I want to please the crowd. I’m that insecure.  I’m that guy whose self-esteem can rest on attendance and offering.

  15. Am I pleasing the crowd or pleasing God?

  16. At the end of the day you are you trying to please? I’ve spent too much time worrying about the crowd.

  17. We, pastors, gain more heat than cheers.

  18. I’ve done this for 37 years… The negativity that pastors process would blow your mind.

  19. We, pastors, wear masks and combat competitors a lot. I have to wear a happy mask, the encouraging mask, the “we can do it” mask,

  20. People don’t get saved and start tithing.

  21. People in the church believe rogue former staff members stories as opposed to 28 years of marriage, 28 years of purity, four for four with kids, and look at Fellowship Church, this God-church.

  22. When people leave it’s like a divorce.

  23. We have to take the shots. You have no idea the shots your pastor is taking.

  24. The greatest people I’ve ever met in the church.But also, we’re a place of grace and welcome people.

  25. We are always in Wrestlemania. Spiritual warfare is just a way of life.

  26. The level of intensity of spiritual warfare that pastors face…..

  27. A lot of stuff doesn’t come out in your life until your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

Next up will be Ed bringing the second session of the morning.

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The #1 Objection to Online Giving

When it comes to online giving, the number one objection we hear at INJOY Stewardship Solutions is fees. No one likes paying fees.

The average fee for online giving is anywhere from 2-4%. It feels like a loss of resources which could be leveraged for ministry and life change.

But the question begs, is the fee worth it to begin online giving?

The truth is when you set up online giving, you are not taking 2-4% from people who are already giving cash.

You are actually now getting 97-98% from those who were previously not giving at all. It is not a transition or removal of current giving.

You're creating an onramp for people who are currently not engaged in the generosity and discipleship journey.

The bottom line is would you rather have $97 or $0?

Ultimately, people give more money online than through the passing of the plates during the service.

Think about it – how much cash is in your wallet right now? If you are like me, not much.

Therefore, on Sunday mornings you are passing the plates to people with little or no cash on hand.

Paying minimal fees is worth it!!!

During our recent Complete Stewardship 1-Day Online Summit, we discussed the topic of online giving.

Click the button below to access this free coaching session from Craig Fatt of GiveInJoy Giving Solutions, LLC.

During this session, Craig discusses the different objections to online giving, as well as how to create generous givers at your church.

Can Digital Giving Help Your Church Exceed Budget?

Several years ago a study was conducted of over 1,000 churches to discover how many were below, meeting, or exceeding budget.

The results were startling!

  • 80% were below budget. That’s right – 4 of every 5 churches could not even do the minimum of what God was asking them to do because of a lack of funding.

  • 14% met budget. However, these churches still had no margin to do anything unexpected God might call them to do. In fact, they were broke!

  • Only 6% exceeded budget. Less than 1 out of 10 churches.

The study then dove into the 6% of churches to discover what common threads might exist.

The Common Denominator - Online Giving

The #1 thing churches did to exceed budget was prioritize, promote, and have a documented system for digital giving. 

December is clearly the most important month for exceeding budget because of year-end giving.

While a successful year-end strategy is vital to exceeding your church’s annual budget, I would like to make the argument for the two months of April and May.

Yes, April and May.

Why? Because summer was coming. 

If a family’s giving is automated, then vacations, leisure, and travel sports will affect only attendance patterns, not giving patterns or the ability to deliver ministry.

Furthermore, digital giving was found to be the #1 item which prevents a giving slump.

To help you maximize digital giving at your church, we have created an Online Giving Checklist that is a must-have for church leaders.

Get your copy, today!

Make sure you don’t miss anything which could help you fully-fund the mission and vision God has given you.

35 Leadership Quotes and Lessons From John Maxwell on Sharing Your Faith

The following is a post from Brian Dodd, Director of New Ministry Partnerships and can also be found on his site:

For the next two days I will attending The Gathering Conference.  The Gathering happens every four years and is chance for the finest Wesleyan pastors in America to gather and discuss today’s leadership issues.  I will be representing INJOY Stewardship Solutions and while here will be bringing you some of the quality leadership content provided.

As a gift from INJOY Stewardship, click HERE to download the most popular coaching session I conducted in 2018 – The Seven Giving Systems Every Church Needs To Be Fully-Funded.  This informative session will help you have all the resources needed to carry out this year’s ministry plans.  Simply click HERE or on the image provided to get your complimentary coaching.

The evening’s plenary speaker was the incomparable and legendary John Maxwell.  For those who may be new to this site, John is my spiritual hero and someone I had the pleasure of working for six years.  There is no one I admire more.  If you have not done so already, you should purchase his new book Leadershift: The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace being released the first week of February.

The following are 35 Leadership Quotes And Lesson From John Maxwell I captured from his incredible session on sharing your faith:

  1. My might as well laugh at yourself. Everyone else is.

  2. My life changed dramatically when I left the pastorate and went into the business community to be salt and light there.

  3. Should an old person talk about remembering?

  4. I have had a couple of times in my life when I forgot what it was like in Egypt… I forgot the deliverance in my life Christ has done for me.

  5. I was so focused on getting my church relocated I left my first love (winning souls).And I forgot.

  6. In losing my way, I lost my heart for reaching lost people.

  7. God spoke to my heart and said, “The rest of your life you’re going to spend your life in the business community.”

  8. I was so busy as a pastor doing church stuff I wasn’t reaching people for Christ.

  9. If you lose your way you have to have a blueprint.

  10. What are we going to do about the 53% of the people who never come to our church? They’re never coming to church.

  11. Are we called to a church or are we called to a community? Is my passion as great for people not coming to our church as those who are coming to our church?

  12. We must be intentional to add value to lost people. Paul did it by serving people.

  13. I have to add value to people first before having the credibility to share Christ.

  14. Before we share our faith let’s get people to like us.

  15. Include everyone.

  16. It’s amazing God loves us.

  17. God loves people I don’t like. Therein, is the problem.

  18. God is love. We would rather correct people than connect with people.  God doesn’t change us to accept us.  He accepts us to change us.

  19. The 101% Princple – Find the 1% you agree on and give it 100% of our effort.

  20. We must know who we are in Christ.

  21. I don’t have to be like them to reach them but I do have to like them to reach them.

  22. You got to out there where the people are.

  23. You have to be intentional to enter their world.

  24. When you enter their world you’ll be moved with compassion. The more you are with them you will love them.

  25. When you hear how messed up their world is you will have compassion on them.

  26. We must be intentional in experiencing things from their point of view.

  27. 95% of the time I hang with sinners and I mentor a lot of lost people.

  28. I’m trying to get people saved.

  29. Don’t you just love it when athiest ask you to pray.

  30. Be intentional to creatively move people toward God.

  31. I believe everyone wants to know God.

  32. The reason people don’t know God is they have a wrong picture of God.

  33. It will be amazing how much God helps you when you hang around lost people.

  34. I think the greatest gift I can give Jesus is thousands and thousands of people in Heaven who will say, “John, it is you who invited me here.”

  35. There is only one thing that counts in Heaven.  The only thing that counts is when we share the good news of the Gospel and they receive it and their life is changed.

John is simply amazing!

Once again, if you have not downloaded my free coaching on the 7 Giving Systems Every Church Must Have To Be Fully-Funded, click HERE or on the image below.

Live Blog From The Gathering Conference – 25 Leadership Quotes And Lesson From Efrem Smith

The following is a post from Brian Dodd, Director of New Ministry Partnerships and can also be found on his site:

For the next two days I will attending The Gathering Conference.  The Gathering happens every four years and is chance for the finest Wesleyan pastors in America to gather and discuss today’s leadership issues.  I will be representing INJOY Stewardship Solutions and while here will be bringing you some of the quality leadership content provided.

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The evenings plenary speaker was Efrem Smith.  Efrem is a consultant, speaker, author and co-lead pastor of Bayside Church Midtown, a thriving and multi-ethnic community.  He is passionate about life transformation, racial righteousness, thriving churches and community development.

The following are 25 Leadership Quotes And Lesson From Efrem Smith I captured from his incredible session on stopping and dying to ourselves:

  1. When you are in a rushed, busy world the last thing you want to do is stop.

  2. Stopping is not preventing me from what I’m called to do.

  3. Maybe stopping is a blessing.

  4. We need to stop to discover the love God has for us.

  5. In your true identity you are loved by God as you are.

  6. We are not of this world.

  7. The world does not know us because we are not of us this world.

  8. The world does not recognize you. But that’s OK.

  9. My citizenship is in another place.

  10. We need to stop in the name of love to discover our love for one another.

  11. Sin brought dysfunction.

  12. We should give God glory through a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, Christ-centered mosaic.

  13. From the beginning we were made to be beloved and love one another well.

  14. We need to stop and discover a love that unleashes compassion and justice.

  15. Kingdom justice comes out of the overflow of love and humility.

  16. Sustained anger rooted in deep unforgiveness doesn’t produce Kingdom justice.

  17. We know how to address racism and sexism.

  18. Busyness and rushing ministry might be breaking the heart of God.

  19. The most revolutionary thing God did is when God stopped.

  20. There was a day when the whole world got dark and Jesus stopped on the cross.

  21. The day God stopped, love moved.

  22. If God stopped, you and I ought to stop.

  23. Jesus laid down His life and you and I ought to lay down our lives.

  24. There are some things we’ve got to die to before we preach.

  25. There are some things we’ve got to die to before we pray.

What an amazing way to start the event!  Make sure you check back tomorrow evening as the plenary speaking is none other than my spiritual hero, Dr. John Maxwell!

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Reflections On An Incredible Year

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A Message from our President & CEO, Joe Sangl:

Ministry friends,

First, let me say a huge “Thank You!” to everyone who has given your input on an online conference we’re going to be providing early next year. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we prepare for that special event. I can’t wait to share more about it with you! Expect to hear more about it shortly after the new year begins. As you might imagine, we’re #FiredUp.

Here’s the primary reason I’m writing you today. I recently joined with our team for our annual meetings. During this time, we reflect on key ministry wins, celebrate the incredible ways God has shown up in our partner churches, and challenge ourselves to grow and improve.

As we reviewed some of the key data, I was so excited, energized, and encouraged that I felt compelled to share some of this data with each of you.

Here are some items that stood out to me from a review of the past few years:

  1. 45 States (USA), 4 Provinces (Canada), Australia - We’ve led capital stewardship campaigns for churches in 45 US States, 4 Canadian Provinces, and even a church in Australia!

  2. $472,042,155 Committed - The total of sacrificial commitments – above and beyond regular tithes and offerings – are nearing half a billion dollars!

  3. Lives Changed - Nearly every church reported salvations occurring during their campaign! This is our passion – to help churches lead their congregations on a spiritual journey that results in increased faith and a fully funded vision.

  4. 94,905 Church Leaders - We’ve had 94,905 church leaders trust us enough to provide their email address to us. This allows us to communicate with leaders throughout the year. We don’t take this trust lightly. With each email message we send, it is our goal to: (a) provide helpful content, (b) help you advance in your leadership and stewardship knowledge, and (c) offer a next step to move forward toward the vision God has given you.

  5. Churches of All Sizes - We’ve been able to serve churches with regular attendance of 80 people each weekend all the way to churches with 14 campuses and regular attendance greater than 20,000 people – and all sizes in between. Here is one common component with all of these churches: God is moving powerfully in each one!

  6. 26 years – and still growing! Since Dr. John C. Maxwell founded ISS in 1992, the focus has always been on helping churches fund the God-given vision and being a friend to pastors. That same vision still burns within the hearts of every one of our team members.

 We’re so grateful to be able to participate in work that results in more people being reached with the Gospel and in Kingdom Expansion. As you embark on your work today, be encouraged and know that the Kingdom of God is expanding.


Joseph Sangl
President & CEO
INJOY Stewardship Solutions