The Ship Podcast: Aligning Vision With Growth

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On Episode 12 of The Ship Podcast, we’re talking with Jill Mutimer with Strategic Consulting Group about how she helps churches with their financial planning. Many churches that have partnered with INJOY Stewardship Solutions for capital campaign initiatives have hired Jill and her team as well. Today on The Ship Podcast, Jill will share how she helps churches align their vision with their financial planning and translate that vision into growth.

Key Points:

  • Jill shares glaring gaps in financial planning that she has found in many churches and what leaders can do to address them.

  • Jill explains how churches can position themselves to have a positive conversation, and relationship, with banks in the event that they need to borrow money.

  • Joe asks Jill what she recommends for pastors who are navigating a “divided board” on the issue of debt - where some want the church to be debt-free and others think debt will help to accommodate growth.

Guest: Jill Mutimer
LinkedIn: Jill Mutimer

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6 Ways to Effectively Communicate During the Offering Talk

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The offering talk is one of the most critical moments of your Sunday service.

Why? Because it is the time when people in your church make the decision to put God first in their money - the number one competitor for their hearts. This is a portion of your service that cannot be taken lightly because it has massive implications for the church from a ministry level (i.e. being able to pay the bills, meeting ministry needs in the community, providing a safe place for children to learn about Jesus, etc.), but it also reflects the hearts of your people.

Unfortunately, communicating this invitation to give back to God a portion of what He’s already given us fills many pastors and ministry leaders with timidity, confusion, and fear. If this is you, it is OK to feel these things! The good news is you can begin to learn how to approach this time in a healthy, effective way, and we want to teach you how.

Here are 6 tips you can apply to begin to, confidently and effectively, communicate to your congregation during the offering talk:

1. Understand the spiritual implications of people’s giving.

  • When someone makes a decision to give money to your church, they are making a profoundly spiritual decision. Ultimately, the Church is in the business of seeing God’s Kingdom come on Earth, as it is in Heaven. That is exactly what happens when someone gives financially to your church. People give tithes and offerings when they see who the Lord is, and surrender to His will for their life. True generosity is joyful surrender in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Recognize the weight of what this moment could mean for every person in your congregation.

2. Create a moment.

  • In light of the spiritual implications of of this time, what would be an appropriate way to engage people? John Maxwell said, “Our level of preparation shows our level of expectation.” Does your preparation show you are expecting God to set people free in their personal finances each week? While it can look different on a week-to-week basis, don’t forget to emphasize this section of the service as an invitation to worship. Here are a few good ideas to implement:

    1. Use Scripture to illuminate who God is and what He says about resources, surrender, tithing and offerings.

    2. Tell stories about why giving is important and the difference it makes

    3. Provide a time for prayerful and silent reflection on how good The Lord has been to each person

3. Switch it up.

  • The reality is, a lot of seasoned church-goers can anticipate exactly what will be communicated during this time, because they have seen it so much. Instead of following your usual format, take a different approach from what is normal. You don’t always have to read the same scripture or reiterate the same core value of your church about generosity. Remember, generosity is a spiritual decision; so make this a time where people can hear from God and do what He says.

4. Get creative.

  • You don’t always have to have someone stand up in the service each week and speak on this from stage. While this method is standard and very helpful, there are so many different ways to connect with your congregation on giving. Utilize pre-service sliders, social media, video stories, blogs and the church website to encourage and educate people on giving.

5. Recognize the different levels of givers.

  • Not everyone in your church is in the same financial situation. You don’t want to disenfranchise people by only speaking to a certain level of giver. For example, there may be new Christians in the congregation who don’t tithe. Don’t communicate in a way that ostracizes them for not giving 10%. Help them along in their personal journey of generosity by pointing them to a next step. Others may need to be encouraged to live more generously and give offerings above the tithe. In these cases, it is important to communicate your heart clearly, and not sound pushy, or make it a spiritual imperative to give more. Remember, as you help your people see more of who Jesus is, He will encourage them to obey the next steps He’s calling them to take.

6. Don’t allow this to be the only time your church talks about money.

  • If the only time your congregation hears you speak about money is during a weekly offering talk, they will begin to think you really are just after their money! Instead, incorporate biblical teaching on finances and stewardship into the church calendar. Preach on it from stage, provide free financial coaching for your people, launch a small group study to help them understand how to steward the resources God has given them according to His Word and will, or create a daily devotional. These are all great ways  to disciple people on a deeper level, naturally leading to more generous people.

The weekly bringing of tithes and offerings is immensely important, because it is incredibly spiritual. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Do not overlook your offering talk. Rather, recognize the spiritual implications it carries, and intentionally prepare for it every single week. After all, our level of PREPARATION reveals our level of EXPECTATION. So how high are our expectations for our churches when it comes to giving?

We don’t want your church to just go through the motions in this area, we want your church to excel in this area, because the implications are massive. In fact, to help you capitalize on the full potential of your weekly offering talk, we want to give you 4, done-for-you, GIVING SCRIPTS for FREE. You can download them HERE. So take advantage of this resource and use them to help you raise your level of expectation when it comes to giving! Don’t miss them!

Capital Campaign University: What You Need to Know

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How One Church Saw Record Attendance, Record Baptisms, and Record Giving


In fact, many churches today are struggling as never before when it comes to seeing increases in weekly attendance. So much so they are changing the conversation from attendance to engagement. But not so with Victory Life Church in Battle Creek, MI.

Led by Pastor James Sunnock, they recently saw record attendance, record baptisms, and record giving. And so can you!

As you will see in this video, the church was already in three services but needed to raise significant capital to continue to meet their ministry demands.

Pastor James mentions previous capital campaigns “were like doing your taxes.”

The team at Victory Life decided INJOY Stewardship was the right partner at this time. Check out his comments:

  • “My only regret is we didn’t do this stewardship campaign two years earlier.”

  • “My concern is we were going to overburden and doing a stewardship campaign was like preparing taxes. It was hard to get excited about it, and it was going to take a lot of work… Our experience with ISS couldn’t have been further from that.”

And finally, “It was a journey that forever changed me as I learned to sacrifice and give myself to my Lord and Savior.”

Two record attendances, a record number of baptisms (42), a record number of salvations (35) in a single day, and 93 salvations overall during the 4-week sermon series. God used a capital campaign (yes, a capital campaign) to help grow their church.


If your church needs to GROW and raise BIG money in 2019, click HERE to start a conversation with our team today! We would be honored to serve you.

How to Get Your Congregation On-Board with a Debt Retirement Campaign

Americans are very comfortable with debt. More than that, they are even more comfortable with someone else’s debt. That means they are comfortable with your church having debt. In this video, Brian Dodd is here to explain how your church can successfully launch a debt retirement campaign that people will actually give towards.

Brian will explain how you can create a sense of urgency within your congregation. You can unite the young and the old to have the same vision for your church and get maximum participation and maximum dollars.

It can be challenging to get people on-board with paying off church debt. Brian explains how to launch a 50/50 campaign and not only focus on paying off debt, but also expanding your ministries. By focusing on life change that will happen as a result of your campaign, you will start to see people faithfully give and debts disappear.

Is This Robbing Your Church's Vision?

Debt Monster .png

As pastors and church leaders, we pray for vision because, without it, our people perish (Prov. 29:18). When we have a clear, crisp and compelling vision, we ruthlessly fight for it. We work hard at communicating it. We pour into our church attenders week-in and week-out, asking them to live it out. Few things are treasured as highly as a church’s vision. But something can rob your church of this vision - DEBT.

There is a direct relationship between church debt and vision. When there is minimal or no debt, vision is high. The possibilities are endless.

Conversely, when church debt is high, vision is low. You are constricted and confined to certain parameters. The result often becomes the debt, not the Holy Spirit, telling your church what you can or cannot do.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, check out our ebook: Slaying The Debt Monster. This resource will help your church discover how to pay off your debt so that you can put that money towards expanding God’s Kingdom. Download this resource today and make the vision God has given you a reality.

The Ship Podcast: Connecting the Church to the Community

The Ship Ep 11.png

In Episode 11 of The Ship Podcast, we’re talking with Pastor Mike Linch. Mike is the Senior Pastor of NorthStar Church in Kennesaw, GA. During this episode, Mike shares how his church has become a hub of activity in the community. By building a bridge from the church to the community, his team works hard to bring the word to people through generosity. He explains how church leaders can be intentional in being active in the community and teaching others how they can also be influential leaders.

Key Points:

  • Hear how Mike connects within the community and how he utilizes the church building for more than just services on Sunday.

  • Learn what the Bible has to say about approaching debt.

  • Mike shares how a capital campaign helped his church in their debt freedom journey.

Guest: Mike Linch
Facebook: @mikelinch
Podcast: Linch With A Leader

To learn more about how your church can become debt free, download our ebook: Slaying the Debt Monster.

#1 Question Our Team Gets Asked

We get a lot of questions about raising money. For example, how long should the giving period be? What is the role of the pastor? Will you understand our unique environment? And, how do you disciple financial leaders?

But there is one question we get far more than any other:

How much can we raise in our upcoming capital campaign?

Our team at INJOY Stewardship has created a tool to help you answer this question. Simply click HERE to complete our Capital Campaign Calculator.

This resource will be a tremendous help to you in planning your next steps.

As you begin to raise significant capital, please know that we believe your mission and vision are too important to not be fully-funded. We've seen churches raise more with a partner than alone and we want to see your church succeed for the Kingdom.

3 Ways to Plan for a Year-End Offering

In Episode 10 of The Ship Podcast, special guest, Michael Lukaszewski is here to share his expertise on how to conduct a successful year-end giving push at your church in 2018. With a background as a church planter and a pastor, Michael knows first hand what it takes to make this offering truly special.

During this episode, Michael shares three simple things to keep in mind as your church plans for their year-end offering. He will explain the importance of having the right purpose, participation and branding and how they can affect your congregation. If implemented correctly, your churches year-end giving push can be more successful than you ever thought possible.

In helping churches conduct year-end giving pushes, Michael also knows the common mistakes that churches can make and how to avoid them. Making sure that you have all this information is crucial as the end of the year is fast approaching. Don’t miss the tips that Michael has to share so that this year-end offering will be your most successful yet!