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Does your church have debt?
If that debt were paid off, where else could that money be used?

The interest payments currently being made to a bank could be used for:

  • Missions work
  • Additional staff members
  • Upgrading facilities
  • Local outreach
  • Anything God calls you to do!

At the current rate of repayment, your church’s debt will be paid off sometime in the distant future, but it could be in the near future.

Two questions for you:

  1. How far do you need to go?
  2. How fast do you need to get there?

God’s Word is clear in Romans 13:8 that we are to “leave no debt outstanding” and in Proverbs 22:7 that the “borrower is servant to the lender.”

People WILL give to a debt reduction effort. They understand the importance of establishing and maintaining substantial financial margin.

What if your church was able to completely eliminate debt within the next two years? How much money would that free up for your ministry? How much more could you accomplish for Kingdom Growth? How many more people could be reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ?

MYTH: A debt reduction campaign is purely a fundraising effort.

TRUTH: A debt reduction campaign can be a spiritually transforming event for your entire church!

What if your entire church could embark on a journey to become debt free together – both individual members and the church itself? It is possible!

Over half of the churches that have partnered with Injoy Stewardship Solutions over the past three years have included a debt reduction component in their campaign – with terrific success!

The Injoy Stewardship Solutions team is passionate about helping you fund your God- given vision. It is what we are called to do.

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Additional myths that will be addressed include:

  • Churches can’t focus on debt reduction and still grow
  • Our debt is so bad that we can’t recover our ministry


Even more, this LIVE webinar will be focused on HOW to attack your church debt situation.

The information presented will be PRACTICAL, RELEVANT, and IMMEDIATELY APPLICABLE.

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