Customized, Vision-Driven Campaigns

An effective capital stewardship campaign is a joy-filled, exciting, transforming journey of generosity and discipleship.

Taking into account your church’s culture, DNA, personality, leadership style, history, experience and dreams, INJOY Stewardship Solutions works with church leaders to craft customized solutions which fully-fund mission and vision.

 An INJOY Stewardship Solutions-led initiative is characterized by an increase in first-time givers, higher weekly giving, increased volunteers, sacrificial dollars pledged, a higher percentage of dollars received, increased trust in church leadership and an experience which changes the lives of people even after the giving period has concluded.  

The INJOY Stewardship Consulting Process

Vision Clarification

Vision clarity is the number one determining factor of a campaign's success. In order for a church family to buy into the capital campaign, they must buy into the leader first. We will assist the pastor in creating a case statement that will answer two key questions:

  • Why are we doing this?

  • Why are we doing this now?

This will provide the foundation for unified leadership, which leads to a successful campaign. During this process we will learn the uniqueness of each ministry. A better understanding of culture, DNA, values, past experiences and readiness will allow us to customize the process to fit your specific ministry.

Leadership Development 

Like David in 1 Chronicles 28:2, in this phase, we begin casting the vision for the campaign leaders. It is our desire to see the leaders become vision carriers who spread the vision to the back row of the church. The pastor cannot do this alone. Successful leadership development ensures all leaders are unified around a common direction as an extension of his voice. 

In addition to helping leaders become vision carriers, we develop new leaders within each ministry. It is our goal to see the number of people serving in your church increase exponentially as they are involved in helping lead the capital campaign process.

Going Public

We take the message from the leaders to the rest of the congregation through weekend messaging, small groups, Sunday School, and targeted communication. Clear communication of the vision for the campaign and how this will help each church grow closer to accomplishing the overall vision of the ministry.  Giving the church the opportunity to ask and get answers to their specific questions is a vital part of this phase as we strive for vision clarity, which will lead to maximum participation. This phase culminates with opportunities for commitment and giving of first fruits.


Followthru is vitally important as it enables the church to maximize initial commitments made to the capital campaign. Maintaining pace and rhythm financially to the assimilation of new people into the campaign and finishing with a specific closeout plan; we are committed to the success of each specific partnership.

The true victory of an INJOY Stewardship Solutions partnership is spiritual health and discipleship.  Generosity becomes an overflow of a heart surrendered to ChristFinances, facilities, and ministry expansion are merely vehicles to reach more people and move them closer to becoming fully-devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

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More than Consultants

"Chad Aukland has been one of the greatest blessings to The Bridge Church, and more specifically, to me personally. Chad has gone above and beyond what I was expecting. I thought I was getting a two year consultant/salesman, but what I got was a coach and friend. His wisdom and guidance helped me navigate numerous transitions. We are honestly a healthier and stronger church because of him."

- Marty Schmidt, Lead Pastor of The Bridge Church, Ottumwa, Iowa